Nomadic Divinity  is a love letter, first directed toward a boy, then toward the self, then the universe. It’s an amalgam of our experiential stories of love in all its forms, from romantic to platonic and ultimately transcendental.

People appear in our lives at just the right time. Suddenly, there they are: that person who understands us fully, knows us without trying, brings to us that charged, intimate space where we feel more alive and expanded. We’re set free by these people, and one of two things typically happens. When we lose the chains that we didn’t even know we had, we either form new ones, expecting all of our joy to be derived from this one person, or we cast off the chains entirely and embrace the elevation that love brings, knowing that we will never belong to anyone and no one will belong to us.

This collection explores the tension between erotica and agape and often uses the natural world—the moon, especially—to illustrate an inner journey. The moon is a reflection of the sun’s light—a mirror, a vehicle. It is not the light itself.

Published February 2019


Astro-Herbal LaRocca cover

Astro-Herbal: Using Divine Timing to Craft Medicine is part handbook, part philosophy about the nature of reality and how astrology can be used when formulating handcrafted medicines, namely herbal tinctures and gem/flower essences, to make them more potent. The zine includes recipes and a reference table of zodiac signs and planetary energies.

This zine is for herbalists who are considering using astrology to see whether they notice a difference, astrologers who might try their hand at harnessing specific energies into the material plane for healing, and all curious makers and crafters who might infuse their lives with a bit of magic by trying some of the methods and recipes.

Published October 2017